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15 April 2016
14 May 2016
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Ambientika wireless


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Additional characteristics

  • remote controller included
  • 2pcs G3 filter included
  • equipped with humidity sensor
  • equipped with light sensor
  • possibility of various settings and programs
  • the device can be connected to other 15 devices via wireless with the most secure and reliable frequency of 868 MHz (not harmful for health)

General characteristics

  • The electrical contacts of the two buttons (On /Off and Speed control) can also be wall mounted.
  • It is also possible to connect the product to the home automation network (Building automation)
  • ceramic heat exchanger with an efficiency of up to 93%
  • compact, versatile, and easy to use
  • made of high-quality resistant materials of aesthetic excellence
  • double separate filters for entering and outgoing air, easily removable and washable
  • no condensate discharge required
  • adjustable aspiration speed with a capacity of up to 60m3/h
  • length up to 500mm
  • alternated extraction and introduction flow
  • electronically commutated motor (Brushless)
  • reduced power consumption
  • silent operation
  • the direct ejection devices are to be installed on the perimeter walls of the building and they have a duct with a length varying from 250 to 500mm
  • it is possible to duct the exhaust air with a tube of the same diameter to a distance of up to 3 meters. For ducting the exhaust air with the necessity of deviation, the maximum length of the duct (including a 90° bend) will be of 2.5 meters
  • simple ventilation system that does not require ducts
  • easily removable and washable filters and heat exchanger
  • usable for replacement of an existing ejector with minimal intervention


The product will work in automatic mode with the default settings, maintaining ideal conditions for your comfort and well-being

The product will be off but active, thanks to its sensors. In case of change of such values as, for example, humidity, the product will start working until the value goes down to the preset threshold

The product will intake the air, if installed as a single unit. Otherwise, in case of several units, the devices will intake the air simultaneously

The product will eject the air, if installed as a single unit. Otherwise, in case of several units, the devices will eject the air simultaneously

This function is activable and practical if there are at least 2 devices. With this function active, the devices will generate an air stream provided by one single air intake and one single air extraction simultaneously , for the desired time period, keeping the environment always balanced.

Humidity sensor with 3 preset levels: minimum (40%), medium (55%), and maximum (70%)

5 preset levels of speed control



In the case of installing several units, the units should be mounted as far apart from each other as possible. This creates a flow of air through the entire living space, making the most effective effect of the ventilation system. One unit covers approx. 30m² of living space.


Intake flow scheme


Discharge flow scheme



The product is constituted by a main operating unit with wall joint to be placed inside the room, a recessed tube containing the ceramic exchanger and filters, an external conveyor with wall joint.

m slave eng
Parameter description Measurement units Values
Air flow at maximum speed m3/h 60
Efficiency of the ceramic regenerator % 93
Noise level at maximum speed (3m) dB(A) 24
Noise level at minimum speed (3m) dB(A) 18
Operating temperature °C -20°C +50°C
Absorbed power W 4,9 - 8,9
Filters included 2
Filtering class EN 779 G3
Power supply V/Hz 230 Vac – 50 Hz
Protection IP44