How do controlled ventilation systems for living spaces get developed?
14 April 2016
14 April 2016

Energy conservation

Be it the construction or restoration of a building, only ventilation performed through an air-proof casing, prescribed for the building, makes sense and pays off. Up to 91% of heat recovery and the use of renewable energy make you save money. The building’s energy efficiency increases significantly.

The buildings’ outer surfaces (walls, roof, floor) and ventilation via window cause the energy loss. About a half of the cost of heating is caused by the loss of heat during ventilation. The Südwind ventilation equipment for living spaces allows for retrieving up to 91% of the heat, and reduce substantially heat losses. Depending on the kind of building, it is possible to save 30-50% of the energy.

Only the controlled ventilation system makes the building insulation truly effective – without excessive expenses.

  • Conservation of 30-50% of energy
  • Up to 91% of heat recovery
  • Even greater energy conservation with the use of an additional heat exchanger

Ventilation via window causes energy loss

Normal ventilation and careless durable ventilation cause the waste of the precious energy. This way of ventilation is out of date, thanks to our equipment that provides long-lasting air exchange necessary for the hygiene. The current directives of the ClimeteHouse agency of South Tyrol are pespected.