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Coronavirus concentration is reduced

Even before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, we knew how important a healthy indoor climate is for our health and wellbeing. Regular air exchange improves our concentration and strengthens the immune system. Only a professional air purifier can guarantee that used and virus-contaminated room air is consistently exchanged with fresh air.

Through discharging contaminated air and supplying pure, fresh air, the Corona ventilation device can effectively reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Healthy air with the Corona air purifier

For an air purifier to be effective against the coronavirus, the type of ventilation is particularly important. Under no circumstances should the air in a room be swirled around as air circulation fans do.

Our effective decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems ensure a continuous exchange of air. When air exchange is taking place, ideally through the interaction of at least 2 coupled devices, any virus-contaminated air is removed. The thermal energy of the used exhaust air is transferred to the fresh air and the heat recovery rate can be as high as 93%, with implied energy savings of up to 50%.

The WIRELESS+ system is also ideal for quick retrofitting. Simply connect 2 devices (mounted in a classroom, office, etc.) to one another.

Due to the constant exchange of air, the viral load can be reduced very efficiently through the dilution effect. To achieve this, the system must be in constant operation so that polluted air is continuously exchanged with fresh air.

Hygienic, virus-free indoor room air

Our air purifiers are equipped with cutting-edge technology to minimise user effort during installation or operation. Optional, self-regulated automatisation determines humidity levels on a ongoing basis and performs any required adjustments autonomously.

Efficient and powerful brushless motors transport the air from one position to the next one, generating an airflow that circulates across, and purifies, the whole room. They prevent the coronavirus from diffusing in the room and ensure a pleasant, hygienic indoor climate. Our devices are the quietest and most energy efficient air purifiers on the market, which makes them ideal for use in our favourite living spaces, where we spend most of our time, or for continuous use in offices.

Draught ventilation is the best way to free indoor air from possible coronaviruses. Air purifiers with Hepa filters are very useful, however they cannot replace ventilation. Furthermore, the filters would have to be renewed frequently, which is not the case for our decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems.

Why a Corona air purifier?

  • Our air purifiers and ventilation systems are currently among the quietest on the market. No background sounds are emitted even with continuous use.
  • Perfect integration into the living space thanks to the simple modern design.
  • Simple assembly and intuitive, optional automatic operation and function
  • Powerful air ventilation with heat recovery and multiple comfort functions
  • Safe atmosphere for family members, employees and customers
  • Hygienic room air thanks to Hepa filters
  • Your own contribution to limit the spread of the virus

FAQs Corona air purifiers

Yes, they are. Virus-contaminated room air must be exchanged with fresh, filtered air.

Depending on the setting, they perform automatic self-regulation to obtain optimal air exchange. The use of filters can achieve a reduction in viruses in the air.

Fresh air promotes our health and well-being. Thanks to the optional fine filters, allergy sufferers can breathe easily. Pollen and dust particles, along with the viruses in the ambient air, are specifically captured by the Hepa filters.

The risk of infection is therefore reduced due to a significant reduction in the viral load in the room air.

The enthalpy heat exchanger contained in the air purifier for humidity recovery prevents the air from becoming too dry in winter. This prevents mould growth.

Our ventilation systems are equipped with countercurrent heat exchangers that can transfer the thermal energy of the used exhaust air to the fresh air.

The rate of heat recovery is up to 90%, implying up to 50% energy savings.

This heat recovery has no effects on Corona.

Ventilation systems guarantee more hygienic room air exchange in the long term and are more suitable than central devices as there is minimal pipe contamination. The air purifier distributes fresh air to all indoor spaces while used, humid and polluted air is discharged outside.

External air filters provide good protection against viruses such as coronavirus.
Depending on the unit, the filter can be easily cleaned or replaced by the user.