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Advantages of Ambientika

For the contractor, the living space ventilation is an investment that is worth making. Reduction of the high air humidity prevents the formation of mold fungus in building materials and, therefore, contributes substantially into the increase and preservation of the building’s value, since, thanks to the heat recovery system of intake and discharge of the foul air, the building can be brought to standards of the future.

  • Protection from the formation of mold fungus, annual savings of up to € 50 per ventilating unit.
  • Protection of the building from damage caused by the air humidity
  • The comfort ventilation systems already comply with future standards

Be it the construction or restoration of a building, only ventilation performed through an air-proof casing, prescribed for the building, makes sense and pays off. Up to 93% of heat recovery and the use of renewable energy make you save money. The building’s energy efficiency increases significantly.

The buildings’ outer surfaces (walls, roof, floor) and ventilation via window cause the energy loss. About a half of the cost of heating is caused by the loss of heat during ventilation. The Südwind ventilation equipment for living spaces allows for retrieving up to 91% of the heat, and reduce substantially heat losses. Depending on the kind of building, it is possible to save 30-50% of the energy.

Only the controlled ventilation system makes the building insulation truly effective – without excessive expenses.

  • Conservation of 30-50% of energy
  • Up to 93% of heat recovery
  • Even greater energy conservation with the use of an additional heat exchanger

Ventilation via window causes energy loss

Normal ventilation and careless durable ventilation cause the waste of the precious energy. This way of ventilation is out of date, thanks to our equipment that provides long-lasting air exchange necessary for the hygiene. The current directives of the ClimeteHouse agency of South Tyrol are pespected.

The Südwind ventilation systems are suitable for any furnishing style. You can see only the pipes for air intake and discharge, hidden by the covering bars. These use the temperature stored in the heat exchanger to pre-condition incoming air.

  • Covering bars hide discreetly the ducts for air intake and discharge
  • Suitable for any furnishing style

Your apartment is always supplied with fresh and clean air, while humid air, cooking-caused odors, or tobacco-caused smoke get ejected automatically.

  • Apartment constantly supplied with fresh and clean air
  • Fresh air is inducted. Kitchen vapors and tobacco smoke are ejected
  • Easy usage

The ventilation system ensures constant air exchange necessary for the hygiene. Mesh filters that capture dust and flower pollens, allow the allergic people to breathe a sigh of relief.

Filtering of harmful substances

The controlled ventilation leads to a notable improvement of the air quality in the room. Our fans with the optional filter for flower pollens do not allow dust, harmful substances, pollens and insects to enter. The air distribution system conducts fresh air into all rooms. At the same time, foul and humid air full of harmful substances gets ejected.

  • Filtering of dust, harmful substances, pollens and insects from the outdoor air
  • Automatic exchange of the air full of harmful substances and odors, with fresh air

Fresh air helps the health, sleep, concentration, and productivity. The lack of air flow prevents colds and favors the health. Mesh filters, that capture fine dust and flower pollens, allow the allergic people to breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Optimal supply of oxygen and absence of the airflow help the well-being
  • Maximum CO2 amount is inferior to the maximum of 1000 ppm (Pettenkofer number)
  • It is suitable for the allergic people and reduces respiratory diseases. Use of mesh filters that prevent external harmful substances from entering and eject harmful substances present in the room
  • It prevents the formation of mold fungus

First of all, we calculate the controlled ventilation of the living space to obtain the exact deployment of the entire system for the respective house. We decide which spaces are to be used for the air discharge and which ones – for its intake (discharge = bathroom, toilet, kitchen; intake = living rooms and bedrooms); we also determine the cross-ventilation areas (atrium etc.). For every space, the quantity of the air to be introduced gets calculated. We must comply with the DIN directives.

For more detailed information, we are always at your disposal.

According to the standards, our fans are equipped with heat exchangers, and they can conduct the thermal energy of the foul air to the fresh air.

This allows for recovering up to 93% of the heat, that is equivalent to a 50% energy saving.

  1. The air enters the system through a passage located in the outer wall and gets preconditioned with use of the geothermal heat.
  2. The air distribution system conducts the preconditioned air to single premises according to their necessity. The amount can be adjusted individually for each room.

So that the premises are comfortable, it is crucial to use energy efficiently and to protect health. This is applicable both for the ventilation of living spaces and for that of commercial buildings. Our fans are designed to regulate the amount of air in a simple way and according to the necessity. This controlled ventilation ensures always enjoyable and healthy air.