One of the quietest devices on the market.
IFT Rosenheim certified
TÜV tested
DIBT certified

Südwind – Experts in ventilation and air conditioning
in Appiano South Tyrol

Ambientika is a product having been sold exclusively by company Südwind – experts in ventilation and air conditioning in Italy, South Tyrol. The company was founded in 1966 by Bruno Saxalber, and now it consists of more than 1600 m² of operating surface. In 2001, the company established a new department engaged in the production of controlled decentralized mechanical ventilation systems for private homes. By the production and wholesale, we manage to sell high-quality products at very low prices.

Our experience allowed us to gain the awareness of having taken on an extraordinary task. This is because we work every day with air you breathe, an essential element which no living being can renounce. Thanks to the quality of our products, we are also able to make you obtain the ClimateHouse certificates, for renovations. In such a way, we put people at the center of our efforts and work.