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The strength of Ambientika - fight against mold!

Ambientika is a product unique of its kind, since it combines cutting-edge technologies with an extraordinary simplicity of assembly. It can easily be installed even by users unexperienced in handling ventilation systems. The product one of the best of its type available in the market, as it is the most complete and equipped with accessories designed to last long. It is ideal for renovations, due to its certified quality. Due to constantly improved building shells, the humidity generated in the living room (about 3 liters / person / day) will cause damage! Our devices are designed in such a way that the user has no effort during operation. If you want, you can adjust it automatically to get the best air exchange.


Ambientika can be connected via cable or in a WIRELESS way, to generate an air flow in your home, by supporting up to 16 units.

Remote controller

Included remote controller. It is also possible to connect the product to the home automation network (Building automation). Optional: remote controller, remote panel or wall switch.


Humidistat, anti-mildew, and CO2 sensor (optional)


The device remains off but active - at the excess of the humidity or CO2 values, it gets activated.


Motorized shutter that gets closed when the device is off (against cold and noise from the outside); by using the wax technology, without rotary movements, it ensures its nearly limitless duration.

Auto mode

In the AUTOMATIC mode, the device regulates itself independently, for the ideal comfort and ease of use.


Fast cleansing and maintenance, thanks to the ease of disassembly of the inner covering + LED for the filter cleansing alarm.

easy installation

The installation of the ventilation system is very simple. Electronic parts are installed in the device interior. Average time for assembly about 1 hour


Thermal efficiency up to 93% of heat recovery, thanks to the high tech mixture : thermic isolated ceramic heat exchanger


Twilight sensor - on necessity, the device sets itself to the minimum speed when it gets dark.


Drastic reduction of electricity consumption, allowable by the electronically commutated motor (brushless, approximately 6.9W). The automatic and sorveillance modes make an important contribution into the energy saving.


Possibility of installing the F5 filter against the allergies to pollens.

Silent work

Thanks to the new brushless ventilation technology, we can lower the noise up to 18 db

Free cooling

In the summer, the ventilation acts as a "passive cooling", the heat stays outside. In the cooler evening hours and overnight, the rooms can be comfortably tempered with the ventilation function without heat recovery.


The product is designed to block the outside noise. Certified IFT Rosenheim: -40dB, EN ISO 10140-1: 2010 + A1: 2012 + A2:2014 EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 EN ISO 717-1: 2013